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First kontAKT videos

In the tab “video” you will find the first two videos, which get you closer to the idea ‚Äčof kontAKT as well as the project [...]

Panorama_na majak

What is kontAKT?

It is a creative center for current active generation, which seeks for a place to support and develop their creative ideas and brings new esprit [...]


kontAKT – new project for creative city

Wellcome! You entered new pages dedicated to our new project of creative city for Bratislava. We are happy to introduce you our thoughts, plans and [...]

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What We Miss in Bratislava

Bratislava is a small capital with a lot to offer. But what is missing here is a place where you can see the best creativity [...]

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Where We Want kontAKT to Be?

kontAKT is ment to be part of Bratislava city center. We have chosen a place that is forgotten for 40 years and lost it dignity [...]